A New Sport is Born

When the first triathlon at Bass Lake was held in September of 1983, the sport itself was still being developed. It was launched into the public’s eye following the 1978 televsion broadcast of the Ironman by the Wild World of Sports. The Triathlon Federation USA, now known as the USA Triathlon, or USAT, was created to help govern the sport and set regulations. The United States Triathlon Series came next, and was launched in 1982 with the official events and distances of the time, including a 2000 kilometer swim and a thirty-five kilometer bike ride, and a fifteen kilometer run.

The First Bass Lake Triathlon

Leaders in the sport, along with the passionate people of Bass Lake, California, came together in 1983 to hold an end-of-season race. The 1983 race, as well as the second annual event in 1984, included many of the traithlon founders, early legends in the sport. With a legendary pasta dinner and an awesome post race party, featuring in its first year the 1970’s group Papa Do Ron ROn, The Bass Lake Triathlon was quickly established as a classic. Now in its 33rd year, a few things have changed, including the race distance and the date it’s held, but the race continues to be popular for Olympic hopefuls and other enthusiasts in the sport.

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Bass Lake Yosemite Traithlon

This year’s race will be held on June 4th, with an Olympic option, including a 1500 kilometer swim, a forty kilometer bike ride, and a ten kilometer run, as well as a Sprint option, which includes a 400 meter swim, a twenty kilometer bike rise, and a five kilometer run. There’s relay options for both events, as well as a Bass Lake 5K, with options for families or runners of any skill level, with all proceeds going to charity. The pasta party is now a gourmet event, to be hosted on June 3 at Ducey’s on the Lake’s Gazebo Deck, and a post-race BBQ for participants and anyone who comes to see the race. The race itself iseven getting a new title for 2016, returning now as the Bass Lake Yosemite Triathlon.

Last year, Cycling Calfifornia Magazine Magazine called the Bass Lake Triathlon the best Olympic distance triathlon for 2015. With its rich history, built by the founders of the sport themselves, and its stunning location, the Bass Lake Triathlon is a not to be missed events, for runners and viewers alike. Save yourself some travel time by staying at The Pines Resort, where packet pick-up is being held and the pre-race pasta dinner is located.

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