Expect the unexpected – weather in the Mountains

 The weather in the mountains is always unpredictable and out of our control. Which is kind of like all the news updates on it, making it sound worse than it is …
According to the local website BassLakeCA.com, we’ve had 58 inches of rain this season. After so many years of drought, the rain is definitely welcome.
The drought posed plenty of dangers, and affected like around the lake. The low level of the lake affected water sports and fishing. But it also resulted in a beetle infestation. Thousands of pine trees in the Sierra National Forest were killed as a result. Dead trees and tree limbs falling posed a risk to hikers in the area.
With rain continuing to fall and spring in full swing, it’s important to always expect the unexpected when traveling in the mountains.

Check the weather before you head out

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No matter how bright and sunny it looks while you’re gazing out of the window of your cabin or room in a lodge, check the weather forecast.
It’s not unusual for pop-up storms to turn a sunny day to a dreary and dangerous one. Before you leave, check the weather forecast. If strong storms are predicted, consider changing longer hiking plans to short ones. Be sure to finish before the storms hit.
If you’re planning a future trip to Yosemite or Bass Lake, you can use BassLakeCA.com to see what weather to expect. This allows you to plan your packing ahead of time. You can also come up with ideas for activities during rainy or cold months.

Dress for the weather

Even during the warmer months, it’s important to dress appropriately if rain is in the forecast.
Wearing flip flops or lightweight tennis shoes during a rainstorm can make an easy hike a challenge. Opt for hiking boots, preferably with a waterproof barrier. Skip the umbrella and stick to a raincoat. An umbrella during a storm makes you a target for lightening strikes.

Know what to do if the weather takes a turn for the worse

If you do get caught in a storm unexpectedly, there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself.
The first thing you should do is seek cover. Look for groupings of smaller trees, preferably in small ravines or lower areas. Just be sure to avoid anything that looks like a dry creek bed, in case of flash flooding.

Don’t let the weather ruin your trip

Don’t be discourage by a little bit of rain or even storms forecast during your trip to The Pines Resort at Bass Lake and Yosemite. There are tons of fun indoor activities for you to take advantage of. 
Relax at The Pines Spa. Visit the dozens of shops, restaurants, and art galleries located in and around the Bass Lake area and the Yosemite foothills. Enjoy a delicious meal at Ducey’s on the Lake or Ducey’s Bar and Grill.  And if the forecast is only for rain, not storms, you can still enjoy hiking, water sports, swimming, and more!


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