Every Kid in a Park

If you have a child in the first grade and you haven’t taken advantage of the Every Kid in a Park program, you’re missing out!

What is the Every Kid in a Park program?

Last year, the National Park Service celebrated it’s Centennial. Ahead of the August celebration, former first ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama launched the Find Your Park movement.  The movement was designed to educate the public about the nation’s national parks. It also sought to connect them with the parks in the region where they live.

At the same time as the Find Your Park movement was being launched, NPS also launched the Every Kid in a Park program. The program is an effort to inspire a life-long love of our national parks in young people. It also aims to get families outside together.

Through Every Kid in a Park, every fourth-grade student in the United States can request a special pass. This pass provides free access to hundreds of parks, waterways, and landmarks across the country. The pass also grants free access to these sites for whoever is traveling with the pass-holding fourth grader.

No matter where you live in the U.S., there is a national park, landmark, waterway, or forest within a two-hour drive. With the Every Kid in a Park program, students get the chance to discover the national park system.

How Do You Get An Every Kid in a Park Pass?

If you have a fourth-grade student, you can go online and download an Every Kid in a Park pass.

This pass will grant access to national parks, landmarks, forests, and waterways for a full year. The pass works for your student and whoever is accompanying them to the parks.

Educators who teach the fourth grade can also download an Every Kid in a Park pass, as well as educational materials. They can use these materials to plan field trips to parks. Or to incorporate the NPS in their curriculum.

How Long Will the Every Kid in a Park Program Last?

Last year, former first lady Michelle Obama extended the Every Kid in a Park program.

That means that the program will continue for years to come. The goal is to continue the program indefinitely. One day, every student in the U.S. will have had the chance to get an Every Kid in a Park pass and experience our national parks.


A nature break is a great way to help you and your kids relax and recharge, and take a break from the demands of daily life. A visit to a national park, landmark, waterway, or forest is also a great way to inspire a love for nature in your child. Why not take advantage of the Every Kid in a Park program to plan a trip to Yosemite for your family?

You can download the pass and bring it along. Using it, your fourth-grader and family can visit Yosemite for free. Make it a vacation or a weekend getaway with a stay at The Pines Resort. Plan some hikes in Yosemite, visit some of the park’s most famous landmarks, or relax and cool off at Bass Lake with some watersports.

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